What exactly is a roofing emergency?

Some situations make it pretty obvious that you’re looking at a roofing emergency — a tree falling on the house, for example. But when it comes down to it, there is a pretty wide spectrum of damage that can qualify as a roofing emergency. If you’re unsure, start by calling the Thib’s Roofing team. We can talk about the damage with you and help you determine whether it needs to get taken care of immediately or if it can wait until regular business hours.

In broad terms, any damage that could impact the structural integrity of your roof can be considered an emergency situation. Anything like fallen tree branches or high winds tearing off shingles opens up the underlying structure of your roof to damage. It’s only the outer layers that provide a protective waterproof barrier, and if water gets underneath to the studs, that can lead to mold and weakened wood. When in doubt, start with a call to the Thib’s Roofing team and we’ll come out to your Lafayette home or business for a roof inspection and estimate.