Scheduling Regular Roof inspections

When it comes to keeping your business or commercial property in good shape, a lot of care should be put into your roof. Not only are commercial roofs prone to a lot of damage, but any damage to your roof can easily open the door for damage to the internal structure of your building as a whole. And, because so many commercial roofs are flat or have a very low slope, they are a lot more prone to damage than a residential roof. Scheduling regular roof inspections for your commercial properties is a great way to catch issues when they are still small and easy to repair. 

Consider the amount of tree branches and leaves that get tossed around thanks to the strong rainstorms we get here in Lafayette. The debris that gets kicked up by storms can quickly pile up on your roof. As it begins to rot, it invites pests as well as mold and mildew, all of which can wear away at your roof’s protective coating. When your commercial roof is in good shape, it’s designed to handle those issues well. However, as time wears away at your roof, a small spot of damage can quickly spread. Connect with Thib’s Roofing to schedule regular roof inspections and ensure your commercial roof stays in good shape.