Roofing Inspections: Helping You Save Money

We get a lot of harsh weather here in Lafayette. From high winds that knock tree branches loose to dumping, heavy rains to full-blown hurricanes, your roof sees a lot of rough wear and tear. With that in mind, it’s often surprising when an asphalt shingle roof even makes it to the decade mark. That’s exactly what roof inspections are for, though. A thorough roof inspection performed by an experienced roofer can be the difference between small roof repairs now and a full roof replacement 6 months down the road.


While you may be able to catch a lot of damage to your roof just from standing in your yard and giving your roof a once-over, some damage is small enough that it’s hard to see from the ground. When a professional roofer performs an inspection, we take the time to check over every inch of your roof, including the valleys, around vents, and other areas that are structurally more prone to leaks. We help you catch any issues and get them fixed when they’re still small and easier to repair, which helps your roof last longer and saves you money long term.